Romantic Destination: Summer Hotel Built in a Cavern Overlooks the Adriatic Sea

Italian cuisine is probably the most popular style of cooking in the world and it is very difficult to come across people who do not enjoy their bowl of lasagna or pasta.

In fact, an Italian dinner in Italy is probably the dream of many people even as we write this article. With that in mind, this restaurant that overlooks the Adriatic Sea and situated in a tavern has got to be the most mind-blowing and dreamy restaurant that one can ever come across.

Grotta Palasezze is a boutique hotel that is located in Polignano a Mare, a town that boasts of beautiful caverns. The hotel consists of restaurants and rooms that have all been carved out of limestone rocks that surround the shoreline.

In fact, the cavern has been a centre of local festivities and continues to remain one of the most romantic destinations in Italy.

The Summer Cave restaurant in the hotel is probably their highlight and is open to tourists only during the summer, between May and October. The restaurant boasts of dim lighting, hardwood floors and an elegant atmosphere that is made possible by the sheer simplicity of decor. There isn’t much information about the cuisine but we can safely assume that the restaurant will serve top notch Italian fare with an Adriatic touch.

The Summer Cave is probably one of the very few restaurants in the world that boast of such amazing locations. Caverns have long been viewed with awe and they have always had an air of mystery to them. This restaurant and its uniqueness make it possible for common tourists to pay a visit to an exotic cavern that is right in the middle of Italian shoreline.

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