Nico Sushi Memo Block

Love sushi? Love writing notes? Why not combine the two with these stylish Nico Sushi memo blocks straight from Japan. Add a bit of fun to a boring office desk; these pads are sure to be a great conversation piece.

Sushi has become a popular snack or meal, worldwide. Known for being healthy and delicious, people have found many ways to pay tribute to always beautifully-prepared sushi. Make your own sushi candy, rest your head on some friendly-looking sushi pillows or take a bite out of some tasty sushi snack cakes.

Normally there’s the standard choice of colored notepads, nothing to really catch the eye. But these memo pads, modeled after toro, tuna, maguro or eggs and salmon, are a great way to play up an otherwise dull desk. Complete the picture by placing a pencil on an eraser, like chopsticks resting on their chopstick holder.

Japan has companies which create plastic sushi for restaurants use to display their wares, so why not sushi memo pads?  Every sushi restaurant in Japan and abroad should pick these up to have for display and use somewhere.

There are more paper and stationary stores in Japan than you would think possible so with such a love of paper products, it’s only natural that paper modelled after food is an inevitable step. While in Japan I saw notepads that looked like donuts and cake, maybe they should make some memo pads that look like a slice of cake from the side. I’d buy those too.

These memo pads are produced by Nico (translate the page for a funny poem-like product description) and available on Flutterscape for $34.

Via: Flutterscape