Pantelligent, the smart frying pan that gets recipes just right

Some people obsess more than others when cooking, and for those who need to get temperatures and quantities just right, here is the ultimate gadget.


Pantelligent is one of those gadgets that makes you wonder how come no one had thought about it before. The idea is pretty simple: they claim the key to a properly made meal is timing and temperature, so by controlling those, you can guarantee any meal will turn just right, eliminating potential room for error. The Pantelligent itself is the name of this frying pan that links to your smartphone (so far, only iOS) and displays useful information such as temperature, timing and so on as well as instructions and steps to follow  to get the recipe right.

The pan has a few sensors that interact with smartphones via Bluetooth LE, but it uses them to do more than just repeat instructions: it can also learn from whoever uses it and store a number of recipes of the user’s own creation, as well as allow a freestyle mode, which just displays the numbers without the steps for any particular recipe: never claim that Pantelligent doesn’t let you experiment!

The Pantelligent team is attempting to get their project crowdfunded on Kickstarter, where they have already met their initial goal (that means that the Pantelligent will exist) and users can get their own by making a pledge of $199 USD, which should be cheaper than the eventual commercial release. The Pantelligent should start shipping next year in August.

Via Geeky Gadgets

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