10 Brilliant Paper-Bird Creations

Birds aren’t the most useful of animals to us humans, but they are beautiful. In fact, they might be even more beautiful in the form of paper crafts, like these.

And if you’re impressed by how great these paper works are, you’ll be twice as impressed when you learn a thing or two about the specie in our trivia bonus.


For some reasons, Sports teams, Pro and Collegiate, simply love this bird on their uniforms.


A parrot found from the Philippines and Wallacea east to the Solomon Islands and south to Australia.


Apparently, in ancient Rome, Flamingo tongues were considered to be quite the delicacy.

Great Tit

Can be found pretty much in every place on this planet except for the Americas.


The only bird that can fly in reverse.


A sharp eye and a little bit of zoology geekiness will help you realize that this is non other than the European Golfinch, unlike his cousins from America.

Amethyst-throated Mountaingem

I always thought an Amerthyst is something you steal from Dungeons in Skyrim.

Golden-Headed Manakin

Probably the animal with the most interesting group courtship behavior in nature.

Long-tailed Sylph

Another bird with an interesting courting and mating trivia attached – The male long-tailed sylph carries characteristic elongated tail feathers. These feathers are so ridiculously long that they hinder his flight: it is difficult for him to carry such finery every day when he relies on his flying skills to survive. Female sylphs, whose tails are of a more modest size, pick out and mate with the males with the longest tail feathers. They therefore ensure that they are mating with a male who is so fit and healthy that he can live well enough to come into breeding condition even when carrying a heavy load.


Somewhat of a pirate bird, these birds make no nests of their own. They simply find vacant ones or drive out adults from an active nest.

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