16 Totally Geeky Paper Origami Designs

Origami is pretty cool, but most people only know how to make the obligatory swan, and nothing too geek friendly. Take a look at some of these great examples of geeky paper origami designs! 

Paper origami is not an easy concept to master. This traditional form of Japanese paper folding has been around for centuries, but it is just recently that it is becoming much more popular and a lot more mainstream. Everyone is looking to make whatever they can out of pieces of paper. Me? If I tried, I would just be surrounded by lots of crumpled paper and an empty box of band-aids, all of which are on my fingers for the many, many paper cuts I have given myself to try to make a paper origami…something. I remember my mom, when I was younger and trying to unleash my creative side, gave me a book of simple paper origami designs to do. Let me tell you, they weren’t so simple. And 20-plus years later, I doubt I could still do it. (Worst. Investment. Ever. Mom.) Anyway, as previously mentioned, paper origami is becoming popular, so popular in fact, that many geeks are taking to the paper-contorting art and making geeky-inspired. Check out some of them below!


Mario Star Origami

There is totally enough here for me to power up…a LOT.


Dragon Origami

This is really cool, and kind of creepy all at the same time. Good thing it is on a chain!


Wall-E Origami

How can you not love this Wall-E origami?! If I was creative, I would totally make one to leave on my desk and stare at me with those big eyes. Oh Wall-E, I love you!


Pikachu Origami

So cute! I want to pinch those rosy red cheek!


Tetris Origami

Now you can play the game at your desk…no internet required!


 Yoda Origami

The origami is strong with this one it is!


Russian Landmarks Origami

This is ALL paper. Just keep that in mind. ALL. PAPER.


Mario 3D Origami

Mario has never looked so good, or so three dimensional!


Jedi Origami

Seriously, the things people can do with a piece of paper. Hopefully they stay on the good side of the force!


Guy Fawkes Origami

Remember, Remember the fifth of November. And if you do not have a store bought Guy Fawkes mask, you can make your own!


X-Wing Origami

I do not know about you, but I can totally see kids in school making them and throwing them at each other when the teacher is not looking. It is a lot more advanced than paper footballs and more creative than your average crumpled piece of paper.


Nazgul (from Lord of the Rings) Origami

The time and effort that goes into a paper origami design like this one…amazing.


Iron Man Origami

Maybe you can make an entire Iron Man costume out of paper. That mask is awesome!


Battle Droid Origami

Even small and made out of paper, these are still creepy looking enemies!


More Lord of the Rings Origami

It looks like ceramic, but that is really, truly paper!


Battle Droid and Starship Enterprise Origami

I could totally fly either one of these!