PCB Dragonfly Model Makes You Introspect

PCB or the printed circuit board is the last thing that would cross someone’s mind when it comes to art and craft. PCBCreations at Etsy has announced the PCB Dragonfly, which is as beautiful as any art work could possibly be.

It has a wing span of 32 inches and every nook and corner of the dragon fly is covered by printed circuit boards. In fact, the manufacturer assures that no space is left free of PCB detail.

The artist does give a hint about what the model is supposed to do. He/she asks us to ‘stare at the dragonfly for hour on end’, which is what all art pieces must do. Art must encourage us to introspect and also must cause us to feel emotions that are not felt otherwise. For instance, this PCB Dragonfly leaves me wondering what the world would be like if it suddenly metamorphosed into a place that is only covered and built by PCB. It would be a Kafka-esque world where none of us would be able to recognize each other. Indeed, video game publishers use such imagination and many of them depend on art to provide sustenance to their storylines, and also to create characters.

Well, it is funny but art can be created even from garbage and that is what makes art so special. It helps us to see beauty in the most impossible conditions and to see filth in the most pristine conditions. Art allows us to think and to introspect and probably science has always depended on art to create all the products, devices and contraptions that we have grown accustomed to today. The PCB Dragonfly costs $400 and is worth every cent that you would spend on it. You could also check out these 9 pieces of artwork made from Recycled Computer Parts, included printed circuit boards.