PeopleBrowsr Opens Up Kred API for Businesses Wanting To Track Social Media Influence

If you’re a business who needs to track their influence on social media, and you have some people with some programming know-how in your organization, then you might want to check out PeopleBrowsr’s new Kred API.

“The PeopleBrowsr Kred API makes it easy to rapidly build tools and apps that spotlight influential people driving conversations in connected communities and retrieve aggregated social data about people, products, brands, and markets.  These APIs create an unprecedented opportunity for companies to create custom applications from deep real-time social data,”  Travis Wallis, PeopleBrowsr’s Director, API, said in a press release.

PeopleBrowser Kred API

PeopleBrowsr has just made the data for Kred, a competitor to Klout, available to developers. This means that they can create their own custom applications to track their influence on social media. The data includes 1,200 days of Twitter contact dating back to 2008, as well as public Facebook posts, over 40 million blogs and other social media content. To say this is drinking from a fire hose would be an understatement.

Instead of just tracking the number of followers an account has, Kred looks at the influence an account has, such as how often they get others to retweet them and attract new follower, for example. They also look at how well they engage with other users. Here’s my Kred score.

The data is available in four classes.

The first is Find Influencers, which, as the name suggests, attempts to help users find influences on Twitter, using Kred Influence and Kred Outreach, Kred RT Influence and Top Followers.

Deep Influence looks at an author’s Kredentials, a measure of a person’s social influence, historical Kred scores, reach, as well as friends and family influence. It’s possible to search by keyword, hashtag, or Twitter name.

Action Analytics looks at mentions, hashtag cloud, retweets and word clouds for any Twitter name, hashtag or keyword in real time. You can focus by location, community, keyword and even keywords in Twitter bios.

Finally, you can look up the global Kred score of any username on Twitter, intended to be placed in Web applications. It’s free to do this up to 500,000 times a day. Finding Influencers cost $1 per call, Deep Analytics cost $.10 per call, and Action Analytics costs $.01 per call. Developers can buy access for 60 days or 1,200 days.

We have to give a tip of the hat to Mediabistro for picking up on this story.

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