PixelJunk 4am, Audio-Visual Creation Tool, Available Now

Q-Games brings lights, sounds, and the PlayStation Move together for one incredibly, unique PSN exclusive app.

PixelJunk 4am Image 1

The late, late hour of 4am probably doesn’t mean much for anyone soundly nestled in Sleepytown, but for the nocturnal few who inhabit all-night dancehalls world round, it’s an exhilarating period. With the right DJ and mood, what can be a simple hour on the edge of dawn, can last almost forever. That’s more or less the launching point for PixelJunk 4am ($9.99) from Q-Games, an unbelievable sight & sound machine that uses the PlayStation Move.

Waving Sony’s motion device like Picasso swinging his paintbrush against a blank canvas, PixelJunk 4am gives players the power to create any sound up to their imagination against a backdrop of pulsating lights and colors, which can change during the course of the song. There’s no barrier for entry, either, so anyone can take hold of 4am’s toolset and form a catchy beat that can ignite the dance floor.

Your performances aren’t just for show in front of your friends though, you’ll be able to show off your mixing-skills and baton-swinging live-streamed through PSN to anyone and anywhere across the globe. (Eep! Talk about pressure!) There’s also in-game Twitter and Facebook connectivity for the Internet socially active, allowing you to promote when your next show is to your followers.

PixelJunk 4am Launch Trailer

VIDEO TO ADD [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPHiEuuPVIg]

I probably should have made this point clearer, but PixelJunk 4am isn’t a game in-line with it’s PixelJunk family before it. There’s no racking up points or end-bosses. Nothing of that sort. Just an inventive application for the PlayStation 3 that can open up the possibilities of what the mind can make when it doesn’t need to know the deep complexities of music theory and what not.

Speaking of music, back once again from his composing duties on PixelJunk Eden, the Japanese multimedia artist, Baiyon, helped out Q-Games on providing the sounds used in 4am (F.Y.I, that was him in the video above). Details wise, there’s seven songs and six visualizers with 38 variations, 10 events, and over 190 different sounds to experiment with in-game. Here’s another cool thing too, if you’re not in the music creating frame of mind, then you can use your own music catalog on your PlayStation 3 hard drive and let 4am’s music visualizer play them back in an array of colorful prisms and effects.

Lastly, a PlayStation Move is required for PixelJunk 4am, except for the FREE PixelJunk 4am Viewer app that enables streaming of the full library of 4am visualizers and songs from amateur artists around the world. Fantastically, dual-use of two PS Move controllers is also possible in 4am, and is an impressive sight to behold. Don’t take my word for it, of course. Here’s video evidence, which I think also does a fine job in getting across how 4am is used.

PixelJunk 4am is available right now via the PlayStation Store for $9.99. Audiophiles, dance-seekers, or heck, anyone who’s adventurous in their gaming pursuits should definitely pick up the game on the PlayStation 3, which impressively captures the freedom of music creativity in an alluring, eye-popping package. It sounds way clichéd, but heck, I’ll say it anyway; there’s nothing else out there quite like 4am. So, get on your PS3 and check it out!

Oh, and it’s from the same brilliant outfit, Q-Games, which delivered such great past titles like PixelJunk Monsters and PixelJunk Shooter 1 & 2; all the more reason for the support. But don’t forget to throw some of that lovin’ to your pals here on Walyou, where we’ve got cute 8-bit pop up cards and rare pictures from the set of Back To The Future.