DOS-based LinkedIn from the 1980s

LinkedIn isn’t the first social networking site that comes to our mind, when it comes to gossiping or indulging in some fun.

Nonetheless, it is very popular with business and professional minded people who seek mutually beneficial relationships across the world. That said, Squirrel Monkey and The International Guild of Dos Users have created a mockup to show you what LinkedIn might have looked like, if it existed way back in the 80s.

Predictably built with DOS, the 80s-LinkedIn looks painfully geeky and complex. One might probably take hours to add a contact, or to learn how to use ‘connects’. Even if LinkedIn really existed in the 80s, it would probably have seemed just as dry as it seems today to most social media users. It would be interesting to see Facebook and Twitter versions created in DOS too.

Talking about DOS, I am not sure how many people today would actually know how to use DOS, or if they are even aware that modern computers have DOS programs as well. If you were looking for yet another place to expand your business, you might even want to take a look at Google+ Business Profiles. If you want something less taxing on your brains, have a go at the Social Media Monopoly Board.