Pepsi Vending Machine Trades Free Drinks for Facebook Likes

Instead of giving away products for free, Pepsi have chosen to do it the valuable way, using a vending machine to trade freebies in exchange for Facebook likes.

Pepsi Like Machine image

In these trying times everyone wants something for free. They’ll stockpile coupons and vouchers and enter competitions and scour the web with a fine-tooth comb looking for a deal. But, as the saying says, ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’. However, Pepsi want to reinvent the tried and tested freebie wheel as with their new vending machine, the popular beverage makers are giving away their drinks in return for a Facebook like.

In a brilliant attempt at marketing their brand, Pepsi have set up the rather clearly named ‘Pepsi Like Machine’, which is just that ; a machine that effectively runs on Facebook likes.

The idea was first tested out (and deemed overwhelming successful) at a concert of brand spokeswoman and global superstar, Beyoncé, when she performed in Antwerp, Belgium. And it’s no wonder that it’s proved so popular when it works so simply. First, the user has to make sure that they’re signed into Facebook via their mobile device. Then, all you have to do is ‘like’ Pepsi’s official brand page. Instantly, the machine will recognise that you have actually liked the page and once you’ve chosen your favourite flavour of branded Pepsi goodness, it will provide you with the liquid stuff and you can go on your way, free bottle in hand.

What’s more is that people who want to get some tasty freebies but don’t have their smartphone on hand can utilise the Pepsi Like Machine’s inbuilt touchscreen, meaning that all you really need is a valid Facebook account.

What is also means is that until you decide to ‘unlike’ the Pepsi Facebook page, you’re effectively tied into receiving all of their marketing info, via the social network, and that’s what Pepsi are aiming for as that free lunch turns into free advertising for the foreseeable future.

Pepsi have also released a video with a demo of the Pepsi Like Machine in action, which you can watch below.

Source : PSFK

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