Turn Your Cellphone into a Yell Phone

Cell phones always die at the worst moments and it usually seems that those moments are also the times when you can’t find places to recharge them. Fortunately, this research may allow you to recharge your phone with the power of sound. Researchers led by Dr. Sang-Woo Kim from Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea have found a way to turn sound into electricity. No doubt, this technology will not be replacing your usual method of recharging your phone anytime soon, but it could at least help extend the life of your battery by causing less of a drain while you use it. The prototype is said to convert sound on the level of 100 decibels into electricity on the level of 50 millivolts; louder noises would create more energy. Charge Cell Phone by Yelling Via: Flickr There are many uses for such technology, in particular using it to put noise pollution to work. By setting up receivers at loud areas such as highways or airports, the harnessed electricity could be used to power lights, supplemented by traditional sources of electricity when the sound levels die down. The article also points out how use in cell phones could allow them to charge in ways other than by speaking into it. By bringing your phone along to a nightclub, concert, party, or any other loud place, it could gradually charge itself on the ambient noise. No longer will you have to simply scream in frustration when your phone’s battery dies; instead, scream at the phone itself and you may buy yourself an extra minute or two. For more cool cell phone technology, don’t miss this Wireless Recharging Station or how you can use Water to Charge Your Cell Phone. Via: PCWorld