Apple Store 2.0 Announced, Apple’s ‘Store’ App for iOS Receives Update

Following Apple’s announcement of a makeover to the Apple App Store experience (internally referred to as App Store 2.0), the Store App for iOS has also received an update.

The new features in the update to v2.0 center around an enhanced in-store mode, which will let you get help and support quickly when you’re at an Apple Retail Store. This implies that the app will be much more interactive. For example, you can walk into a store and the app will know your store’s location. The app will also ask if you’d like to speak to a specialist.

Also included in the update is the ability to custom-configure a new Mac with the options you want. Previously, you were limited in your customization options if you were interested in purchasing your $1500 MacBook Pro from a mobile app. Now, you can customize as much as you need.

The update adds even more evidence for Apple’s new commitment to an improved personal setup service. When you walk into an “App Store 2.0”, the new Personal Setup section will have dedicated areas in stores called “Startup Sessions.” The new ‘bars’ are said to be even more interactive. Another major change at Apple Stores is in their sign-marketing. Today, next to each Mac and many products are paper signs. With Apple Store 2.0, those signs will be replaced with interactive iPad 2’s

Surprisingly, the new app is not universal, meaning the iPad currently lacks support for the update. If you have an iPhone running iOS 4.0+, you can download the updated app for free from the App Store.

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