If Photoshop Could Be Used in Real Life

Photoshop is one of the most used tools around, and it helps to change the way images look in actuality. However, if we could use Photoshop in real life and change situations and objects the way we wanted them to be, life would be something else.

“If I Could Use Photoshop in Real Life” was a 2011 image series where Sad and Useless imagined what life would be like if Photoshop could be used in real situations. One could easily make a crying baby calm down using the ‘close’ option.

We could just use the ‘select’ option to pick up heavy furniture and drop them wherever we want them.

A house can be painted or refurbished in a matter of a couple of seconds.

Everyone can print their own money by duplicating them.

The red-eye tool would help people to deal with cops.

People can be made to look ‘smarter’.

Lovers can be hidden from the view of angry husbands.

Mustard stains will never be a problem again.

Small bridges can be built wherever they are required.

Men can grow moustaches at will.

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