Adobe Photoshop Cookies

If you were looking for the best tutorial to learn how to bake butter cookies, all that you would need is to take a look at this video, in which baking cookies is taught with the help of Adobe Photoshop.

Those who may wonder why on earth anyone would require the help of a simulated Photoshop tutorial to bake cookies, it might help them to know that certain geeks like everything presented to them in a nerdy way. The video begins with real kitchen utensils and materials which are handled by cardboard arrow marks and Photoshop interface.

The tutorial is actually good, even if you aren’t a geek and are looking for a methodical recipe that lets you visualize the entire process in an interface that is most familiar to you. The video was made in stopmotion for AdobeYouGC competition. It is really funny to watch when the person behind this tutorial chooses various photoshop shapes to cut the cookies from the rolled dough. What’s funnier to watch is when they click on ‘cut’ and the extra bits of dough vanishes, to reveal neatly cut cookies in heart, star and flower shapes. The video continues to show you how to add blanched nuts and bake them all in the oven.

It is a great parody that acts as a double edged sword. The video seems to hint at the growing dependence on software and technology to do even the most basic jobs. Retrospectively, it also shows how easy certain tasks that seem difficult in reality are, when one seeks the help of technology. PsiXel required 1 day to do the shots and biscuits. Editing however took 5 days and that seemed to have been the most difficult part of making the video.

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