Have a Slice of Irrational Pizza Pi

If you’re a punster and a math nerd, this is the greatest thing you’ll come across all day.
Quite simply, this is a very large pizza cutter that cuts your pizza pie with the power of Pi. For irrational numbers, Pi is pretty well-loved in the world, because it’s so darned practical. Sure, you can use it to calculate sine waves and design machinery with round parts, but what’s really important is to figure out just how much area your pizza takes up.

pi cutter 1

Part of me is disappointed that this doesn’t actually cut your pizza into the shape of Pi; however, I can admit that it’s far more useful this way. It’s generally pretty hard to find any sort of kitchen gadget that suits a nerdy lifestyle, and pizza cutters are useful gadgets that are even less likely to come in cool designs.

The tool is pretty straightforward; you roll it over your pizza, and then your pizza separates into slices, through the magic of stainless steel held by a plastic Pi-shape. The Pi comes in black, red, and lime green – I think the lime one is the best colour for it, if only because the contrast between green and the red pepperoni is pretty festive.

pi cutter 2

Maybe I’m just in a Christmas mood, but I can definitely see this as a popular stocking stuffer for nerdy relatives. It’s only $17.99, which is already reasonably priced for a regular pizza cutter, and practically a steal considering the unique design of the Pizza Pi Cutter.

The curious thing about this pizza cutter is that by using it on your pizza to cut out slices, you’re changing the ratio of circumference to diameter that all circles share. If you recall your high school math at all, you’ll remember that the ratio in question is pi – that’s pretty ironic when you think about it! I guess you can’t have your Pi and eat it too.

While you’re eating Pi-cut pizza pie (great tongue-twister, by the way), you’ll probably want to cool off with a refreshingly cold beverage that has ice in it, so why not use Pi-shaped ice? And, while drinking a Pi-ified drink, you might as well wear the famous blue Pi t-shirt, in case your friends haven’t yet realized how cool you are.