Lovable Picasso of Robots Plots Your Sleep Pattern

When you know that someone is watching you while you sleep, it is certainly unsettling.

However, Ibis Hotel has proved that assumption incorrect by employing a lovable Picasso of robots that graphs your every movement when you are asleep and graph it on a canvas to create an abstract art of sorts. The resulting art depends on how badly you sleep, rather than how well you slept that particular night. If you sleep really well and do not toss and turn, the robot will plot a drawing that is squarely straight without eccentricities.

However, if you toss and turn and move around a lot when you are asleep, the resulting art piece will be a splendid portrait of your sleeping pattern. It is almost like having an insomniac artist watching you and painting your sleeping body, while you are unaware that you are being noticed, admired and immortalized on the canvas.

Ibis Hotels in Berlin, Paris and London are taking part in this unique artistic venture and 40 participants have been chosen to kick-start the art project in which they will get a portrait directly inspired by the way they sleep, or rather, how badly they slept in the bed. For one, it might be a little difficult to sleep when someone is watching us during sleep, and even if that happens to be a robot, it will not make a difference.

Surely, this artistic robot will make most neurotic hotel guests fret over their lack of sleep and when they wake up groggy eyed in the morning (or late afternoon), they can grin at their sleeping patterns expertly drawn by Ibis Hotel’s artistic robot. You might also want to take a look at the Mini Robot Paul Hoc, which replaces human art sketches. If that doesn’t impress you much, take a look at the Espresso Art Robot, which we had featured sometime ago.