Enter the Freeman: Half Life Short Film

Half Life is probably one of the most important science fiction first person shooter video games ever released.

It has remained popular since 1998 and continues to inspire video game fans and geeks all around the world. The plot of the game revolves around Dr. Gordon Freeman, whose mission is to find a way out of a secret underground research facility. With that in mind, Half Life fans have gone ahead and put together an atmospheric film titled “Enter the Freeman”. It runs for duration of around 10 minutes and the film makers used a budget of $3,000. With a budget that small, the movie still manages to look very professional and studio-like.

In fact, if you took a look at it without any background information, you might mistake it to be a professional Hollywood trailer that lasts for just around 10 minutes. The 10 minute short film is a great tribute to Half Life and most fans of this game will be exhilarated to watch it. If you haven’t played the game yet, this short film should inspire you to do just that. It is interesting how a little bit of tenacity, patience and a small budget can result in such a cool short film in the end.


If you are a fan of Half Life, you will certainly be a fan of all the weird and freaky creatures that exist in the plot of the game. For instance, Barnacle is very popular. If you like such creatures, you might want to take a look at the Barnacle Half Life Lamp, which we had featured sometime ago. The Half Life 2 Gravity Gun was replicated in real, and looks pretty cool. So go ahead, and start playing Half Life once you take a look at the video. There is no way you will not like it.