Mario Enemies: The Scary Version

Cute is out, sinister and dark is in. The evil-er looking the villain/enemy, the better. Maybe it’s because we’ve changed a society and consumers of video games and culture (if you call blockbuster movies and comic books culture), because simple and nice looking goombas to jump on just don’t work anymore.

If you ever felt that Goomba’s didn’t have an edge, the Koopa Troopa’s don’t scare you enough or that Bullet Bill just didn’t really have any maliciousness to him, don’t worry, you will after these.

Mike Puncekar probably feels the same way, especially about Mario enemies, and did a Dark Mario kind of theme, revisiting all of the plumber’s enemies throughout history, giving them a special, sinister make-over.


The everyman of the Mario world, and its most basic enemy.

Koopa Troopa

Piranha Plant

In Japan, say Packun Flower, or whatever the word is for flower in Japanese.

Bullet Bill

The Torpedo Ted of open-air.


Not as cute as he usually looks, is he?


The thing Lakitus throw from their smiley clouds.



Dry Bones

Always the trick one for me to defeat.


I used to actually like this character, but not anymore. Can’t un-see this one.

Shy Guy

Don’t be confused with this.

Whomp King


Not, not the NIN lead singer. The Triceratops, just with an attitude.

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Or you can just go and play the game online, which no matter what you’re doing, is always the better option.