Pikachu Themed Nintendo 3DS XL

A limited Nintendo 3DS XL system that would put a spark in your life… if it were coming here.

Pikachu Themed Nintendo 3DS XL 1

Oh, Pikachu. You rosy-cheeked cutey. Even your bright face upon this Nintendo 3DS XL (3DS LL as it’s referred to in Japan) can’t erase the cruel reality that fans across the Pacific might never get a chance to buy you; that is unless you’ve got around $240 bucks to import one from any of Japan’s Pokemon Center stores.

It’s quite customary for Nintendo to trout out a limited edition piece of hardware celebrating one of its proud (read that as money-printing) properties – which I believe started with the Game Boy Color (I should know, I got one for my birthday… don’t ask me where I put it though) – and this one is no different.

Pikachu Themed Nintendo 3DS XL 2

Although… aside from that special Nintendo 64 for Hey You, Pikachu!, I’m not sure the others had such a loud display of “Pikachu-ness.” Yeah. That’s a word and I’m sticking to it. Oh, but that adorable face atop the front lid of this 3DS XL, I can’t find good reason not to be put off by it; it makes me want one all the more, really.

Meanwhile, here in the states we’re stuck with either blue or red for our choice of shell. And the real agitating thing is, they’re not even full colors, they’re half black to boot. At least throw us a white version for Pete’s sake! …Okay, okay, enough with “butthurted-ness.” Let’s all admire how absolutely lovable this particular 3DS XL is.

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