If Marvel Superheroes Were Cats

If some of our favorite Marvel Superheroes were cats instead of humans, would they still end up saving the world? Probably not.

marvel hulk cats picture

I sort of wonder what would happen to these heroes super powers if they were all covered in fur and usually slept for 18 hours a day. Would they wake up and have enough energy to fight evil-doers, or would they get distracted by ball of yarn?

miss marvel cats picture

I suppose I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a cat person or that I didn’t have some sort of soft spot for these ridiculous looking costumed animals.

marvel mystique cats

According to our source, thaeger, these pictures are the creation of an artist named Lar deSouza. Apparently turning the staunchest defenders of justice into adorable and dumb looking little animals if a pastime of his.

wolverine marvel cats

The characters in these sketches are for the most part pretty easy to identify. The sad-faced green blob is the incredible hulk, the spry one with the mask is probably Miss Marvel (who looks remarkably Foxy) and the sleepy one is the super villain Mystique. I’m personally pretty fond of the latter three, with Wolverine going claw crazy all over that chair, and a very unhappy looking Thor.

marvel cats thor

The Sentinel one is pretty great as well, considering that it’s the only dog to make the cut (though, Thor looks suspiciously like he could go both ways).

sentinel marvel cats

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