Fallout Laser Pistol Papercraft Model

If you have been playing video games since the 90s, you would know how popular Fallout series were back then. In fact, they are still just as popular as they were back then for all the blood and gore.

Like most post-apocalyptic games, Fallout features a number of cool weapons including the infamous laser pistol.

Matt Milam, an artist and also a big time Fallout fan has created a Laser Pistol inspired by the one in the game. Deviating from his usual style of using cut paper, he used papier-mâché which not only gave a rough look, but also a weathered and worn out look.

The guy was inspired by Fallout’s juxtaposition of art-deco aesthetics and 1950’s retro futurism. In a way, this juxtaposition can be noticed in his papier-mâché model too, for the laser pistol comes with neat geometric lines and a rough texture. He used many colours like yellow, brown and black before going back and brushing the laser pistol with dry silver colour.

He used a sort of mist to give the papier-mâché Fallout Laser Gun a rough surface, and a used and weather-beaten look. Fallout series have been critically acclaimed, and though they were quite controversial in nature due to the amount of violence, blood and gore, the game series were appreciated for their drastic difference in the gameplay, when compared with other games of that time.

Fallout allows gamers to choose their own destiny, and a path no matter how unconventional it may sound. While they choose a path, they may acquire karma and experience points which would ultimately dictate the ending of the game. During hostile situations, players would use laser guns such as this cool papier-mâché gun that Matt has created.

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