18 Sweetest Pixar Movie Tattoos

Pixar, over the years, have been able to get into our hearts with the films they’ve made, and change the movie industry, “real” or animated, forever. No wonder people love getting tattoos of their characters from Monsters Inc., Up, Finding Nemo and more. They’re so sweet, it’s impossible not to want one, or five.


Brave Tattoo

Merida & Mom TattooUp House Tattoo

Finding Nemo / Finding Dory

Dory Finding Nemo Tattoo

Nemo & Spike Tattoo

Inside Out

Joy Inside Out Tattoo

Inside Out Sadness Tattoo

Anger Inside Out Tattoo

Monsters Inc.

Hand in Hand Tattoo

Color Mike & Sulley Tattoo

Sulley & Boo Tattoo

Mike Monsters Inc Tattoo

Monsters Inc Tattoo


Ratatouille Tattoo


Up Couple Tattoo

Up House Tattoo

Up Balloon Tattoo


Wall-E & Eve Tattoo

Eve Tattoo

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