The Best Realistic Looking Temporary & Fake Tattoos You Can Find on Etsy

Tattoos are cool, but not all of us are ready to commit 100%. That’s why a temporary tattoo or better yet a fake one can be a great solution.

Fake tattoo stickers have made a lot of progress since I was a kid. In the past, they were very poorly executed, and you couldn’t fool anybody that your tat is real. The selection was thin, but over time materials got better, and today’s temporary & fake tattoos look realistic. Rocking a realistic looking temporary & fake tattoo seems to be IN right now, and it’s totally a fashion statement theses day. We searched for the coolest and best we could find on Etsy, you can browse the best ones we found below.

Double Triangle Temporary Tattoo


This geometric tattoo is simple and clean. It is top-notch and super affordable and for its price you get a realistic, minimalistic looking tattoo without the life commitment.

 Vintage Fake Flowers Tattoo


A flower tattoo is one of the most classic tattoos there is. I know lots of people who are rocking the floral theme one way or another. Now you can join this crowd without the pain with this vintage flower temp tattoo. This set includes 7 different flower elements, that you can arrange as you see fit.

Bride Tribe Temporary Tattoos, Bachelorette Party


Not all temp tattoos are used to get “the real look” – this Bachelorette Party tattoo is super fun and chic! It a great idea for a good friend’s bachelorette party to show the bride your love.

Large Temporary Steampunk Sleeve Tattoo


If you’re looking for a more impressive tattoo look that stands out, this Temporary steampunk full sleeve tattoo is the answer.

Harry Potter Death Eaters – Temporary Tattoo


If you are a Harry Potter fan this themed temp tattoo is for you. This is a 5 tattoos-set. Each one of them should last from 2-5 days and are safe to use and contain FDA approved ink.

Bullseye Temporary Tattoo Pack


This set of tattoos contains 14 different bullseyes inspired tattoos, so you can have a new look every few days or even combine a couple of them together to get a more edgy look.

Watercolor Temporary World Map Tattoo


This watercolor map tattoo is just 2″ wide, but it’s colorful and pretty awesome. You should feel awesome yourself for wanting to rock a small yet funky tattoo.

Large Temporary Tattoo Sleeve-Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo-Skull Tattoo-Timeless Rose Fake Tattoo-Peony Flower


This skulls & rose sleeve tattoo is all about making a statement, a powerful one.

Mexican Bachelorette Party Temporary Tattoos


If you are planning a Mexican themed Bachelorette Party this bestie’s temporary tattoos can be a great party favor.

 Valentine’s Day Tattoos Heart temporary tattoos


This small tattoo heart shaped sticker can be a great idea for the up & coming Valentine’s day.

Temporary Black Tattoo Hipster Shoulder


It’s going to be fun showing off your hot temporary removable tattoo – no commitment no pain.

Temporary Tattoo ‘Triangle’

Geometric tattoos are so in this year. The Scandinavian design is passing the interior design field and going straight to tattoos. Rocking a Geometric tattoo is absolutely a fashion statement these days.

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