Geeky Pixel Cookies

The sky is the limit when it comes to create creative cookies for geeks, such as these awesome 8-bit pixel cookies.

We’re total cookie monsters here at Walyou and, seriously, what geek wouldn’t love a delicious dessert made just for them?! Since 8 bit is most closely associated with old-school video games, we’ve found some truly geeky and yummy looking themed video game cookies. Our old school geeks will simply love these cookies, so check them out.

Zelda Link Cookies

Check out the creator’s site on how to make these sweet  Zelda cookies.

Pacman Pixel Cookies


Pixel Cookies

For the full photos check out his flickr page

Space invaders


Mario cookie


Galaxian Pixel Cookies


Mega Man Pixel Cookie


Nyan Cat Pixel Cookie


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