Plastc Brings Together All of Your Credit Cards

It’s no wonder that your wallet gets so bulky, when you’re carrying multiple credit and loyalty cards with you. If for loyalty cards there are smartphone apps to save them all in one place, then Plastc must be the equivalent for credit cards.

The Plastc Card is also similar to SIM cards that can store more numbers at once, so you don’t go around with multiple phones or battery-draining dual-SIM devices. It can store the information of up to 20 credit and debit cards, which should be more than sufficient for anybody. Plastc is more than just a device that keeps all that info. Selecting between various cards needs to be done someway, and here’s where the e-ink screen comes in handy.

Saving the credit card info is easy as a breeze, as well. Plastc will come with a credit card reader that attaches to iPhones or Android smartphones. After swiping the conventional card through the reader, the Plastc Wallet companion app backs up all the data and sends it to the Plastc Card via Bluetooth. Besides that, the companion app also plays another important role, of receiving notifications on the smartphone should you forget the Plastc Card at a store. If the Bluetooth connection is interrupted for a predetermined amount of time, Plastc erases itself, and thus renders itself useless to anyone but its owner. As if all that wasn’t enough, the Plastc Wallet keeps all the transactions that were made using the saved credit cards, so that you can review them at a later point.

For the time being, Plastc is a contactless card, which means that it only works with NFC or RFID readers. However, an upcoming firmware update will also make it compatible with chip and PIN devices.

As with all gadgets that are meant to store information, Plastc has a major downside: its built-in battery. The included one is said to keep the universal credit card functional for up to 30 days. It also seems to be very convenient, as it recharges using an included wireless charging mat. What if you forget to recharge it and you have an emergency? I guess it’s always a good idea to have a conventional credit card on yourself, for such situations.

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Plastc can be pre-ordered now on its manufacturer’s website for $155. While that may seem like a steep price, you do need to weigh the advantages and the downsides to determine whether this product is for you.

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