Mighty Mug, the unspillable coffee mug

Whether you love coffee or tea makes no difference: it’s dangerous to have a drink next to your computer or gadgets! That is, unless you own a Mighty Mug.


America favors coffee for breakfast, and although it’s a great call, the careless handling of the mug has put an end to many laptops, phones and diverse gadgets. Aware of the issue, the Mighty Mug team worked on a solution that aims to reduce accidents to zero by combining design and technology. The Mighty Mug uses what the company calls Smartgrip Technology, which makes the mug remain lightweight, but able to be pushed around, hit, and dragged without risk of it tipping over. You know, unless you want to.

The concept is very simple: the cup is made in such a way that it creates a vacuum seal when its laid down, without buttons, locks or anything: it just happens. So, as long as users put down the Mighty Mug on any flat, non-porous surface, it will stay there without going anywhere, without tipping, and completely safe.

Mighty Mug 2

The Mighty Mug has been doing great in the market since it came out in 2013, so now they’re introducing new models for different situations, and different quantities of glorious coffee.

Via Gajitz

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