Pokémon Onix Made With A 3D Printer

A 3D-printed Onix has appeared, and you can capture it thanks to Amphigory Design.

3D Printed Onix Pokemon by Amphigory Design

I’m a big super fan of Generation 1 Pokémon – heck, I started with Pokémon Red on the Game Boy for Pete’s sake. So obviously seeing Onix, one of my favorites from back in the day (old school for life, yo!), getting made into a plastic toy like this makes me smile.

Etsy shop Amphigory Design created this awesome-looking 24” scale model of the rock-type Pokémon from a 3D printer – and not – presumedly captured in the wild, tall grasses of the Kanto region. This Onix is just a neat plastic toy, but boy it sure does put the fear of a Rock Tomb attack in you thanks to its spot-on appearance.

3D Printed Onix Pokemon by Amphigory Design 2

The Onix toy is also incredibly flexible due to its wire-frame backbone, and allows for a good range of poses – there’s also a stand-still version Amphigory can make for you as well, if you like. Each one is made-to-order, and can be asked in different sizes, all for $85.95 USD. Here, check out some of the fun ways you can pose Onix by watching this video.

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