Using Pokemon Pick Up Lines to get a Girlfriend

A while back we ran a post about 40 geeky pick up lines to use on the fairer sex. Harry Potter, Super Mario, Superman, Star Trek, Batman and Pokemon. All is fair in love and sex. Apparently, there are people actually crazy/geeky/confident enough to use lines like this to pick up girls.

The Simple Pickup guys have a thing for Pokemon, and Pokemon related love lines, and decided to use them on unsuspecting girls on a College campus. Surprisingly, they even got some numbers out of it.

If you weren’t paying attention, these are the lines used by the fellas. Good luck.

1. Prepare for trouble, make it double
2. You are so hot, you just woke up the Snorlax… in my pants
3. Rattata (Rattatap) that ass
4. I will be your Nidoking, you can be your Nidoqueen
5. Some girls like it from the front, some girls like it from the back, and you probably like it in the Meowth
6. I got a first edition Charizard, holographic!
7. If you were a pokemon, I’d choose you
8. I have master balls
9. Do you like it fast or are you a fan of the Slowpoke?
10. Look up Kong in your Pokedex…
11. I would love to Squirtle all over your face
12. (I would love to Pikachu later)
13. You just made my Weedle use string shot
14. You have very nice Jigglypuffs… are they real? Can I confirm?
15. Brock Obama
16. Are you going to be boring or be exciting and take a Chansey?
17. Are you about to fight the Elite Four?
18. Whoa, Slowbro
19. I had to shave my pubes last night to get rid of my krabby (krabbies)
20. My Caterpie just evolved into a Metapod (and used harden, right?)
21. Me, you, and your boyfriend will have a dugtrio
22. I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause
23. What’s your number? I’m gonna put it in my Pokedex (errr… it should be pokegear, guys!)
24. We should exchange contact information… who knows, I might even Raichu a poem via text
25. A wild Snorlax has appeared!