11 Cutest Pokemon Plush Toys

Who doesn’t love a nice, cuddly, plush toy to snuggle up against and hold? And who doesn’t think Pokemon are some of the cutest little creatures ever invented? Only a person without a heart!

If you’re a human with a heart, take a look at these picks for the most precious, adorable, cute, Pokemon Plush toys! And if you don’t have a heart, maybe this list will make you grow one.

Pokemon Amigurumi Plush

These crocheted little creatures are simply perfect! They’re small, collectable, and unique since they’re not your typical plush toys. These handmade items are high-quality and made with lots of special care and effort. You’ll love whichever one you choose forever. Or even better, choose all of Pokemon!

Snorlax Pokemon Plush

This pillowy Snorlax plush is a must for all you Snorlax imitators out there. Wanna be lazy? Lay your head against Snorlax and drift off into dreams filled with Pokemon catching adventures. “Snorlax, I choose you!”

OliaDesign Pokémon Pikachu Bulbasaur Squirtle Charmander Soft Plush

I’m a sucker for collectable items, hence why this is the second Pokemon set I’ve chosen to include. Once you’ve got one plush, it’s hard not to get even more! They’re all just so darn cute. And look at the price! It doesn’t get much better than that, so go ahead and fill up your entire room with Pokemon plushes; it’ll be the softest, cutest room out there.

Cutepower Pokemon Stuffed Plush Toys Set

Ooh yes, another Pokemon Plush set! This set doesn’t just have your typical, ultra popular Pikachu though. It’s got all kinds of furry, fantastic friends. They’re totally impossible to resist and I’m glad this set comes with nine of them. I know I’d end up buying them all individually, so I’m very glad they all come together. And just look at the eyes on all of them, sooo precious!!

Stuffed Snorlax Pokemon Plush

This Snorlax plush is much smaller than the other, which means, easy to hold! Having a bad day? Squeeze Snorlax and relax. He’s a great stress reliever, I promise. If only we were all so lucky as to be able to sleep all the time. That would certainly be living the life.

Eevee Pokemon Plush

Eevee is probably one of my favorite Pokemon. I’ve always loved her design and how she’s not only cute, but somehow classy and elegant at the same time. She’s adorable, but beautiful, and I don’t say that about every fictional creature. I love this plush version of her as well.

Pikachu Pokemon Plush

Aw, Pikachu, the face of Pokemon and perhaps one of the most iconic, recognizable names around. I’d be crazy if I didn’t include this classic character on my list. If you’re a Pokemon fan, you have to have at least one Pikachu plush or toy sitting somewhere in your house. I mean, can you call yourself a real fan if you don’t?

Rowlet Pokemon Plush

This is definitely my favorite item on the list. I’m in love with this Rowlet plush. Everything from the faux fur, to the handmade bow tie, is just perfect. I love that the whole thing is hand-crafted, it makes it extra special knowing that someone took the effort to make such a well-done product.

Raichu Pokemon Plush

This Raichu plush is a bit unique compared to the rest of the list, since it’s made with felt, rather than being knitted or sewn like other plushes. It’s a little plush, you could probably fit it in your pocket if you wanted, but it’s also so very cute, and I must say I’m now a fan of felt.

Jigglypuff Pokemon Plush

Another knitted product, much like the first item on this list, this Jigglypuff plush is handmade and high-quality. I could have chosen to include a regular Jigglypuff plush, but there’s something about knitting that makes things look cuter somehow, and look at the eyes, I think they make it even cuter.

Charizard Pokemon Plush

I love this Charizard plush! It’s adorable and cool at the same time! Maybe consider it for your male Pokemon fans, if they’re not a big fan of the cutesy stuff.

I hope you found the perfect plush for you or the Pokemon fan in your life! Remember, there are tons more to see, and if you didn’t find one that caught your fancy, take a look for more! Gotta catch em’ all.