Geek Culture Posters Making Fun of Movie Clichés

Posters Making Fun of Movie Clichés

The difference between a film and a movie? Movies are easy to make, films are different. That’s what filmmakers usually say before they get blinded by some big corporate check and make that movie cliché they’ve always sworn they won’t make.

As you’ll see down below, making a Hollywood flick is pretty simple. There’s a “cookie-cutter” recipe for pretty much every movie you see in the cinema these days, without too much changing since the early days of Hollywood. Things that work simply keep on working, no matter how dull and recycled it is.

Alien Invasion Movie Recipe

Think Will Smith in Independence day, just with airplanes and no tentacles.

Buddy Cop Movie Recipe

48 Hours, Bad Boyz and Tango & Cash.

Serial Killer Movie Recipe


The worst Hollywood can produce.

Sports Comeback Movie Recipe

Rocky III, Rocky V, Rocky Balboa.

Spaghetti Western Movie Recipe

Where Clint Eastwood got started.

Chick Flick Movie Recipe

Pretty much owned by Jennifer Aniston.

This art was done by Alvaro Naddeo, coming up with this creative ad campaign for the New York International Latino Film Festival with posters making fun of movie clichés.

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