Prada Going Steampunk in 2012 Winter Collection

Apparantly, Steampunk has gotten so big, it’s time to actually use it as uber retro-fashion, with Prada taking four movie stars in Gary Oldman, Willem Dafoe, Garrett Hedlund and Jamie Bell and giving the world a real steampunk kind of look, with a tad of a villainous touch, due to the actors involved.

There’s something about steampunk that makes everyone look like a bad guy. Not that someone like Gary Oldman, known for his on-screen villains, Norman Stansfield most of all, needs any help in looking any more of a evil villain.

Jamie Bell has also been a villain on Jumper, although it’s hard to take someone who’s been both Tintin and Billy Elliot as a serious threat to society.

Hedlund isn’t actually associated with being ”bad”. Playing Murtagh in the Dragon fantasy movie Eragon is as close as he gets, but being blonde with that Scandinavian look certainly helps his ‘evil’ features. Willem Dafoe, having played every possible role imaginable, did it perfectly in the first Spider-Man film as Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin.

For more ‘real’ steampunk Prada fasion, which will be out for this Fall/Winter collection, check out this.

For a deeper and awesome dive into the world of Steampunk, fictional or a bit more real, stay with us.