Price Drop Alert: Subscribe to Sony PlayStation Now

Subscribe to Sony PlayStation Now for great entertainment

If you have always wanted to subscribe to Sony PlayStation Now game streaming service, you are in for some pleasant surprise. From today, you will be able to so the service for just $9.99 a month. Previously, the monthly subscription was $19.99, which was way above what competitors like Amazon or Google charge. Sony revealed in a press release that the subscription rate-cut was implemented in order to play catch-up with other entertainment streaming services. Considering how popular PlayStation always has been, and how subscribing to its cloud version seemed out of reach for most people, this is a great opportunity.

Sony PlayStation Now seems to be considering completion in the market

There are many video and music streaming services such as Netflix, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, etc. However, video game streaming services are far and few, and Sony PlayStation Now can be considered one of the pioneers in this area. It was launched in 2014 to little competition but all that is going to change very soon. Google plans to launch Stadia, its video game streaming service this November.

If you purchase a game on Google, this service will be free for you. Microsoft’s Xbox team plans to test its own streaming service, Project xCloud, this month. Electronic Arts started testing its service last year. It is not clear at the moment how much these two services will cost subscribers but it can be surmised that the pricing strategy will be competitive.

With so many streaming services in the pipeline, one might wonder if people are actually ready to subscribe to different services. Many insiders feel that people may experience subscription-fatigue, and may simply revert to old school methods of consuming entertainment.

Subscribe to Sony PlayStation Now

If you are an avid gamer looking for an affordable subscription to play games right away, Sony PlayStation Now is a great choice to make. While other streaming service stake shape and are released, or until others reduce their prices even further, you can surely give Sony PlayStation Now a try. If you like the games that are on offer, and if the $9.99 subscription fee seems like a deal, there is no reason why you shouldn’t continue with Sony PlayStation Now anyway. It would be great to read your experiences about playing on Sony PlayStation Now and how you think it compares with other streaming services.