Projection Mapped Animal Sculptures Come to Life

You’ve likely seen 3-D projection mapping sometime in the past year, whether it was a video online or you were lucky enough to experience in person. These sculptures take it to a whole new level, including some awesome interactivity. If you’re unfamiliar with projection mapping, it’s basically the idea of projecting a standard 2-dimensional image onto a 3-dimensional medium. The projected video is therefore able to be shown on various parts of that medium, be it the pillars of a building or the wheels of a car. If it sounds confusing, it’s because it’s difficult to explain, but when you see it in action, things should really click.

Each of these sculptures is made of various wood panels, making the rhinoceros appear as if made from armor plates and the bird seemingly formed from crystal. They’re impressive enough on their own, but when one of these projections is shone upon them, they truly come to life. The bird is probably the easiest to see the effect on, as the primary effect is that each of the panels is able to be lit up. Panels glimmer in sequences, flash various colors, and even look as if they’re moving, growing, or shrinking due to the unique and custom-made animated image being projected onto their surfaces. There are also some other effects, such as the bird seeming to crackle with lightning or the rhino shining with stars.

Projection Mapped Sculptures

Projection Mapped Sculptures 2

Adding a new twist to this art form that has been steadily growing in popularity, artists from Sober Industries and Studio Rewind added interactivity, so spectators could choose which effect is displayed rather than just a set sequence being played. If you’d like to see more examples of this stunning tech, check out more videos like this Projection Mapped Truck or this Beautifully Animated Hotel Front.

Via: Colossal