Have a Slice of This Sweet Wolverine Cake

“I’m the best there is at what I do.  And that’s baking up a storm, bub.”

Like any self-respecting nerd, I sink a lot of my time into projects that make family and friends question my sanity.  There was the time that I endeavoured to write a music box theme for each of my friends.  Or perhaps when I spraypainted my old scooter silver and gave it to a neighbourhood kid so he could be my “herald” (Galactus gives ’em cosmic powers, but you work with what you’ve got).

That’s why I was delighted to come across this beautiful Wolverine cake, which is clearly a labor of love from a true fan named Kimberley Chapman.

“Yeah, maybe these claws are made of icing, but they can still slice Magneto real good.”

Just looking at this cake takes time.  Tiny details, such as the unabashed “Wolverine fan essay” written on the base, and Wolvie’s crumpled up classic yellow X-Men duds lying at his feet indicate that this was the definition of a passion project.  Even Logan’s belt buckle was re-created in fine detail:

Kimberly Chapman, the cake’s creator, went one further and even created a detailed outline of how the cake was made, including slightly unsettling pictures of Wolverine before facial sculpting:

And of course, the obligatory “after” shot:

One thing I can’t wrap my head around with projects like this is their impermeability.  I can’t imagine spending this amount of time on a cake just to watch it get eaten.  But thanks Kimberley for lovingly documenting the process so that long after this Canucklehead is so much mush in somebody’s tummy, we’ll have the memories.

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