Push button, receive bacon: early internet meme comes to life

Long overdue by many years, an old meme receives a new wind by coming into existence. The result is both hilarious and delicious.


An early Internet meme (Ok, 2004 is not that early, but still) made fun of the instructions found on hand dryer devices by writing Push Button, Receive Bacon around them either in printed letters or just hand-writing, as the hot air depicted in the pictures totally looked like bacon strips. Minessota inventors at The Rabbit Hole created a machine based off of that idea for the Deconstruction.

This bacon machine doesn’t actually use any hot air to cook the bacon but a fuser from a laser printer instead. This fuser can already go over 450ºF, and goes around the meat cooking it so a paper shredder can cut it in strips afterwards. Isn’t this the thing we’ve all been wanting for so long?

Via Technabob

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