QlockTwo: clock meet grammar, and it looks fantastic

It’s hard to get wall clocks right: they’re either impossible to read or just plain boring, but here comes QlockTwo with a creative take on how to do these right.


You won’t have any trouble reading the QlockTwo, because it’s going to tell you the time right in your face so you can read it, The creators are Biegert & Funk, who came up with the idea of a clock that simply lights up beautiful typography to tell you the time and decorate your walls.


The words aren’t always aligned in the right order, but that doesn’t make it illegible or anything, just adds a somewhat unique charm to the concept. The front panel of the QlockTwo measures 17.72″ on each side and goes attached to the front with magnets, while it uses LEDs to light up the letters, maximizing brightness and energy consumption in the same process.


Source: Homes and hues

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