QR Code Wood Sculpture in 3D

Everyone’s seen, and probably used a QR code before, but how many of us have seen them turned into 3D wood sculptures?

qr in 2d scan

QR Codes, or Quick Response codes, are everywhere these days. Each QR code is generated through the use of a matrix that encrypts the informatio it contains and represents it in the form of a black and white series of dots. Commonly used by everything from advertising to easter egg hunts, they’ve become one of the most useful ways of quickly scanning encrypted information into our smart phones and other devices.

According to our source, one German designer, a certain Elena Belmann, wondered what it would be like to recreate one of these 2D codes in glorious 3D and decided to give it a shot.

qr 2d light inside glow

Belmann, who has prior experience using cut and craved wood to create really awesome sculptures, took the same path for her 3D QR model. One has to wonder what would happen to the information if these codes happened to become 3D. Would they still be able to serve the same purpose? It would be interesting to find out if the technology could ever evolve in that direction.

Regardless, enjoy some screenshots of her work. The sculpture itself looks remarkably like someone went to town with a whole pile of Jenga blocks and a glue stick. The second one, with the creepy inner glow, makes the sculpture look like something right out of a science fiction movie, such as those Cube movies.

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