10 Bacon Products & Gadgets

Oh mighty bacon, how much we love thee! If there’s one thing that every self-declared geek loves is bacon.

After all we even have a national Bacon day, so it must be true! Bacon has come a long way since the most simple form of it aka “the bacon strips” now you can find lots of products made for those who just can’t get enough. Here are some awesome bacon products.

1. Bacon Hot Sauce

Bacon Hot Sauce combines two things near and dear to our hearts – bacon and hot sauce

2. Bacon Salt

According to thinkgeek this bacon slat actully  makes bad food good, and its  vegetarian and kosher! You heard it right. Apprently that this salt doesn’t contain actual pork, so if you were ceruios  to know how bacon tastes like now you have a way.

3. Bacon Lip Balm

Winter is coming and with it our dry lips, lucky for you, we  have a bacon product that will make sure your lips stay moist and bacon flavored. Retails  for $7.45 on Amazon.

4. Mr. Bacon Jumbo Magnet

Just in time for the holidays, add some bacon spirit to your house. Decorate your fridge for christamsn with this geeky “ornimate.” Available $7.99.

5. Bacon USB

Store your computer data on this delicious bacon USB drive. Let’s hope no grease will tainted your papers.

6.Bacon Speakers

Make sweet bacon music with this cool bacon speakers retails for $39.95 on Zazzle.

7.Bacon Genie

With the Bacon Genie you can easily make bacon using your microwave. The stand holds up to 12 bacon strips and it’s uniquely designed so the grease will drip into reservoir for easy cleaning.

8. Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure

Wanna play with Bacon but you are not allowed to play with food? No promble! This bacon game board is just what you needed. Move your bacon character through Meatland, Mustard Marsh, the Wiener Wasteland and the Sausage Sea. The first one to make it to the frying pan at the end of the trail wins.

10. Bacon Ornament

You are not a turlly bacon lover if you don’t put some bacon in your tree. This bacon ornament will give your tree just the thing that was missing.

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