Mobility Scooter Trailer: You Won’t Get Fast, But May Get Furious

It’s probably first caravan in the world made for the use with an electric mobility scooter. Will the elderly get buoyant?

British humor is well known for its stunning nonsense and so is perhaps QTvan – world’s first mobility scooter caravan coming from UK. Some websites already claim it’s a perfect way for the elderly to go and see the royal wedding (who else would be interested?). It’s really hard to believe this thing is not entirely a joke in quite a bad taste. ETA who’s responsible for the little caravan says you’ll need around $9000 to get one. What’s so expensive?

The miniature caravan is about pavement-wide (2 m), but it’s equipped with a full-sized bed. It has a 19’’ TV set, a radio and bookshelves inside along with tea-brewing facilities. That’s right, QTvan name stands for three British obsessions: queuing, tea and caravans and now you’re capable of doing all three at once! Why queuing? Well, you might not be aware of the fact that maximum speed of an electric scooter is just a bit more than queue-speed (around 6 mph), and the range gets to maximum of 30 miles (would be a large queue). That is probably the ultimate reasons not to believe in the commercial purpose of the project.

The explanation is simple. QTvan was developed by Environmental Transport Association (ETA) and is said to be aimed at highlighting the problems 220 thousands of elderly and disabled people might encounter while riding their electric scooters. However, ETA is a company that sells mobility scooters insurance and it’s not hard to guess mobility scooter caravan is just a kind of viral campaign. Quite clever though.

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Via:, autoblog