Custom Bambaboss Boba Fett

Boba Fett is one of the most beloved Star Wars characters and probably the most famous bounty hunter out there.  Here we see yet another homage to his greatness in a custom Bambaboss do-it-yourself figure – Bamba Fett.

Bamba Fett

This Boba Fett custom-made creation is a special treat. Owen DeWitt, AKA grimsheep, created Bambaboss Boba Fett from a special Bambaboss DIY kit that was available two years ago for about $50.  The figure was only available for 24 hours on the Bambaland store. So these figure were extremely hard to come by.

So who did DeWitt choose to turn this rare Bambaboss into? Boba Fett, esteemed bounty hunter and fan favorite.  What a cool Boba Fett he turned out to be. While the shape is a little odd, bottom-heavy with flat feet and a hoodie on, he also has interchangeable faces and DeWitt chose to add some custom-made guns, a sword and a jet pack.

Bamba Fett Masks

The detail, the hand-painted faces and body, the lovingly crafted weapons, all point to a an artist skilled at their craft.  These custom creations are some of my favorites because they aren’t the big corporations pandering to the crowd, selling millions of the same toy. It isn’t LucasArts trying to sell some silly Jar Jar Binks figure that no one likes and not one wants, but is sold none the less.  This is the work of a real Star Wars fan and it is seen in the quality of the work.

Bamba Fett and his Weapons

Maybe one day Munny Batman and Bambaboss Boba Fett can have a showdown, although Batman does have more toys to fight back with.  Some other cool Star Wars hand-crafted items include these adorable Star Wars boxer pups as well as Mickey Fett, a Mickey Mouse and Boba Fett hybrid.

Via: Hello Vinyl, Plastic and Plush and Grimsheep