Minecraft IRL: For the Ultimate Gaming Nerd

If you’re a Minecraft fan and dreamed about the day where you could build with the pixelated blocks in real life compared to the virtual world, then dream no more.  Jeffrey Kam and Cody McCabe have done just that and made their dream a reality.

Jeffrey and Cody printed out the same textures that Minecraft uses, the pixelated blocks, and created a hands-on experience display at San Jose State University.  Just like in the game, the blocks are fairly large and awkward.  When you walk into the room you get a feeling of how large the blocks are that surround you compared to the feeling of your computer screen, measuring up to 1 meter tall, making you feel like you’re really immersed in the world of Minecraft.

There were two crafting tables in the gallery along with different tools.  Working LED torches were scattered throughout the landscape.  There was even a creeper costume which would greet people at the door.  To complete the features an interactive grass block world was located in the center with 1,500 small cubes.

When Jeffrey and Cody opened the gallery, they had a flood of people that they encouraged to be creative and interactive with the blocks.  The most surprising thing to the visitors was that you were able to touch and play with the art, not what most visitors to an art gallery are familiar with.

There were a variety of visitors that displayed the difference in game styles.  Some people built while others dug for ore which included four rare diamonds which, if found, received rewards.

The two Minecraft fans presented the exhibit at the University from March 14-17.  All of the cubes were built to scale with the same 16×16 pixel design that the actual Mincraft game uses.

The exhibit is over but Jeffrey and Cody are making it available to any other interested art galleries.  So maybe your dream of a hands-on Minecraft experience may some day come true.

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Via: Forever Geek and Real World Minecraft