Qwerkywriter Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Is a Typewriter for Nostalgics

Even though keyboards have replaced typewriters in most environments, there still are people who sigh at the thought of hearing the clicky sound of the keys.

This typewriter-inspired device is an example of how bleeding-edge tech can be found in the body of a vintage product. Qwerkywriter, as this keyboard is known, does not only feature USB connectivity, but can also be connected via Bluetooth, for increased convenience.

Maybe Qwerkytoys’ product may not be appropriate for gamers, but other than that, it represents a very elegant peripheral that would fit perfectly on an expensive wooden desk.

The keyboard also includes a stand for tablets, which means that it can be used in tandem with mobile devices, not just with computers.

Qwerkytoys is currently looking to raise funds for the mass production of this Bluetooth typewriter on Kickstarter.


The crowdfunding campaign ended three days ago, and fortunately for the developers of the Qwerkywriter the initial goal of $90K was exceeded by almost 33%. Anyone who pledged $289 or more for the project will get a Qwerkywriter in August 2015. Given the complexity of the peripheral, it’s not surprising that the company needs so much time to manufacture it.

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