R.O.B. the Robot Lamp – A “Bright” Idea

Etsy shop Woody6Switch created a unique lamp dedicated to Nintendo’s famed robotic buddy.

nes rob lamp front image 1

Poor R.O.B. the Robot. You were once a deluxe set add-in for the launch of the NES – well, “deluxe” enough for the system to be trusted by retailers still burned by the then recent North American videogame crash of 1983. Now here you lie, as a lamp.

Guess that’s leagues better than being buried in a New Mexico landfill like all those unsold copies of E.T. the videogame. And to Woody6Switch’s credit, this R.O.B. the Robot lamp that’s currently available through their Etsy.com store looks put together quite nicely.

I’m not sure if I would spend $125.00 USD for one of them, but if you’re the kind of hardcore Nintendo fan (and we all know that one person who is) that must have every piece of memorabilia from the “House of Mario”, then how can you pass this beauty up?

nes rob lamp image 2

Plus there’s one major advantage this desk lamp version of R.O.B. has over its previous model: it doesn’t take as long to switch on its light compared to how long it takes the original’s slow-moving motor to move its plastic arms or press a single button.

Although if you do miss those latter functions, R.O.B.’s stiff movability is still included with this unique lamp, allowing it to rotate 360 degrees, open and close arms, and raise his arms and shoulders up and down. Look, it’s holding a pen!

Interested buyers should head on over post haste to Woody6Switch on Etsy.com to give one of these lamps a loving home, or check out their whole line of kooky everyday trappings like briefcases or iPad docks that are made from retro videogame consoles.

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