R2-D2’s Hologram: Now With 2Pac

We were all impressed with 2Pac’s peformance at Coachella, but the one that was impressed the most was young Luke Skywalker. This really set off a chain reaction!

2Pac R2-D2 Hologram

Maybe Star Wars fans aren’t the biggest rap fans (hey, one thing shouldn’t rule out the other!), but we’re pretty sure most would be amused if R2-D2’s hologram included the multi-platinum artist instead of Leia’s distress signal. The revolution can wait, we’re enjoying the music here.

Now we can answer the long-asked question: is the empire East side or West side? And we say neither: it’s Dark Side.

Thanks to the Gizmodo team for this lead! Enjoy some more rap at Snoop Dogg Wants You to Smoke his New Book and Richie Branson Raps Letter to Square Enix.