Researchers Build Frankenstein-ish Terminator Robot Hand

We have all lived through the fear of a robotic onslaught, the day when the machines go to war against men. While it may seem a little too far-fetched for most of us, it may not be out of the limits of reality when we take a good look at the Terminator Robot Hand which has been built by German researchers. The hand is practically indestructible, and can deliver blows that could smash your skull right through.

While it could be argued that these robotic hands could be used for industrial and military purposes, one could also be a cynic and wonder why anybody would want to use a robotic hand that could withstand such tremendous damage to it. Researchers at the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics were inspired by the character of terminator and built the Robotic Hand.

The Terminator robot Hand’s fingers are controlled by 38 tendons and the fingers are capable of an amazing range of movements. Each of the 38 tendons are driven by their own motors and the technology enables the hand to perform deft tasks like catching a ball, and also withstand damages of a great magnitude as witnessed in the video.

The hand can deliver 30 Newtons of pressure which is enough to choke someone or even to break someone’s bones. Markus Grebenstein, the head of the research team plans to design a befitting robot torso with two arms as well. He justifies the plan as he feels one cannot learn without experimenting. Of course, that is quite true but one must also be sure that humans do not end up creating a real robotic Frankenstein.

Terminator has inspired many researchers and designers in the past. The Terminator Salvation is an amazing motorcycle which may appeal to the biking community. The Endoskeleton model of a Robotic Terminator may help us one day to protect our soldiers. If you are a little artsy, you must take a look at the Terminator Skeleton Bicycle.

Via: Wired