Go for a walk and charge your Nokia Lumia at the same time with these pants

Amongst all the smart devices popping up everywhere, it was a surprise no one had worked on something as basic as pants. Well, here’s a beginning: pants that charge your phone as you walk.


Meet the perfect marriage between fashion and technology. these pants will recharge your Nokia Lumia 930 thanks to their integrated 2,400mAh battery with a a DC-50 Induction Charging Plate sewn right in. As soon as you put them on, with your Nokia in your pocket and without any cables nor plus, your phone will start charging. One weird thing, though, you’ll need to recharge your pants every once in a while. No, this is not an euphemism, it’s very literal.


The pants were created by designer Adrien Sauvage with input from Nokia themselves for London Collections: ‘Modern Man’”, and will soon be available for pre-orders everywhere for around $350 USD. Well, count us in!

Source: Oh Gizmo

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