Razer Blade Might As Well Be the Ultimate Gaming Notebook

Despite having a 14″ display, the new Razer Blade sports a QHD+ resolution as well as a better CPU and GPU, a combo that could bring all the other gaming laptops out there down on their knees.

In an interview with Wired, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan stated that “Many people were asking us for a 1080 screen. We’ve gone way above that with a QHD+ display… This is, hands down, the world’s best laptop screen there is right now.” The 3200 x 1800-resolution IGZO touchscreen display is without a doubt the major selling point of the new Razer Blade, as currently there aren’t any other gaming notebooks with such a great resolution and pixel density.

Tan emphasized that the display technology used in the Razer Blade is superior to the ones of IPS panels: “There’s a huge premium that we are paying for this (Sharp IGZO panel) versus a normal IPS panel, but the difference is that the IGZO panel’s response rate is incredible. It’s much better than a normal IPS screen, so it fulfills our need for great resolution, super thin, and super fast response rate. Its color vibrancy and color gamut is incredible.”

The new Razer Blade is not only cooler (both literally, and figuratively), but it also has a greater battery life, mainly thanks to Nvidia: “We’ve completely reengineered again the thermal system around the Blade, and we’re now using a GTX 870M. It was all about making sure we optimized the thermals in this. We really made as much space as possible to put the battery in there. We’ve got a 70 Wh battery. We’ve also worked with Nvidia to do a battery boost.”

According to Tan, Razer is always looking to move forward, to create something great and then work hard to surpass it: “We constantly design and iterate over and over again, and it’s a little nuts. But that’s how I think we’ve gone from launching our first laptop three years ago to probably the best laptop in the world right now.”

Besides the GeForce GTX 870M GPU with 3GB of GDDR5 RAM, the new Razer Blade features a 2.2GHz Haswell quad-core Intel i7 CPU and 8GB of 1600 MHz RAM, plenty of horsepower for even the most demanding games out there. One thing is certain: Razer Blade has the looks, but also the power necessary for making its competitors tremble in fear.

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