Sifteo: The Future of Play

What was once a humble concept for something that was merely a cool idea now has a release on the horizon. Forget your XBOX or iPhone, these little things are the future of fun. Intuitive design, simple controls and addictive cheap games all point to a successful gaming platform.

Back in 2009 we mentioned the early stages of what is now known as Sifteo. It has come a long way.

Sifteo is being considered an alternative game system, however it can not run games on its own. With a PC or Mac nearby, and a wireless USB dongle that comes with the cubes, games a relayed to the devices. Sifteo comes with its own software, Sift Runner, which is basically an app store. This software is how you start and stop games.

These little blocks look like something you may find at the local toy store, but large tech comes in a small package. Each cube has a full color 128×128 pixel display that also acts as a click-able push button. It also contain a three axis motion-sensing accelerometer to detect movement. It houses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and wireless capabilities to detect neighboring cubes and the nearby computer. With all of this the cube still only weighs about 35 grams.

Up to six cubes can be used up to one one to maximize the abilities of the software and hardware. Stack them, spin them, pour them, the verbs are endless when you have a bunch to play with.

The product has already been released to a small number of early-adopters who were eager enough to try out the new technology, however they are currently sold out. The starter pack, which contains 3 Sifteo cubes, a charging dock, the power adapter and USB wireless link costs $149 with each additional cube costing $45 each. They are not yet available, but are expected to be by mid to late 2011. Perhaps just in time to be the Christmas gift of the year?

There are currently nine games available for those early adopters, with plenty more on the way. I don’t quite think this will be replacing major home consoles anytime soon, but it sure does take a giant leap in the innovative direction. Maybe once it gets its own version Call of Duty.

Check out this cool music app for Sifteo:

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