Real Life Pac-Man Is Way Harder Than It Looks

Pac-Man fever infects this latest video from Rooster Teeth, as they recreate the classic arcade game in the real world to laughable results.

Pac Man real life

Kermit the Frog once said it isn’t easy being green, and the same can be said for being yellow as one unlucky test subject quickly learns in this video from Rooster Teeth.

Recreating the 1980 arcade classic from Namco, Pac-Man, the popular YouTube channel wanted to see how playing as good-old Pac must feel like in the real world – oh, but with a twist. Today’s contest must use the traditional top-down view players use in order to avoid those pesky ghosts and collect all the maze’s pellets.

It goes as about as well as you might think trying to navigate through a tight space with only a birds-eye view – and – while trying to escape your pursuers might fair. Plus, unlike actual Pac-Man, he can’t eliminate his ghostly adversaries back to their starting penalty box, which makes the whole ordeal that much tougher. It is hilariously fun to watch though!

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