James Charles Unveils Dollar Bills with Pop Icons and Satiric Messages

This is not the first time that we have come across dollar bills given a different look, by removing George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, and replacing them with figures from pop culture.

However, this cool new list by artist James Charles is one of the most entertaining that we have come across lately. They are all immaculately done and are being sold at the Shooting Gallery art gallery in San Francisco. The dollar bills may tell you that they are worth $5, but if you intend to purchase these dollar bill art works, you may need to be ready to shell out somewhere between $600 and $1,000.

The list consists of various pop icons ranging from Star Wars characters, Jimi Hendrix, Jesus Christ, and many more. What strikes you the most is that every dollar bill comes with a punch line that is catchy, witty and often sarcastic in nature. It takes a bitter bite at the social norms, and also the importance that we give to our popular icons. For instance, the Princess bill inspired Star Wars has ‘Nice Buns’ written at the bottom, which is a humorous comment on the Princess’ hairstyle.

The one that features Einstein has a tag line which goes something like E = mc2 Dollars. It might be a subtle hint at the kind of money that physics in general has been able to generate.

There are more than 50 such dollar bills, and you could take a look at them all if you can’t afford to buy the original pieces. You could also take a look at the Lady Gaga Dollar Bills, Laser Cut Dollar Bills and Funny Dollar Combinations about which we had written earlier.